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Since 2021, the Alliance Française de Banjul has been directly supporting Gambian youth via entrepreneurship and the various challenges of digital technology, through The Gambian Tech project.  In 2021, a hut was built in the heart of the Alliance to facilitate access to knowledge and professional integration, and is proving to be a genuine tool for cooperation in the development of entrepreneurship and inclusive digital technology. The Alliance Française de Banjul is an integral part of the Senegambian network, with a growing number of dynamic partnerships.


The Gambia Tech Project is a program implemented by the French Embassy in collaboration with the Alliance Française de Banjul to promote and actively participate in the development of a Tech ecosystem that will provide opportunities and facilitate innovations for young entrepreneurs. With a dedicated incubation space and an open Tech Lab within the Alliance, the project gives all entrepreneurs the opportunity to access different resources and opportunities.

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In partnership with the Fondation des alliances françaises and the Monegasque Cooperation, the Alliance is managing the Alliance 3.0 project from 2023 to 2025. The aim of this project is to support underprivileged girls who have dropped out of school in their educational and professional careers, by providing them with unprecedented pedagogical support focused on the development of digital skills. This project, supported by the Alliance Française de Banjul, aims to facilitate access to knowledge, computer programming and digital fields, in order to promote the professional integration of underprivileged populations and reduce the digital divide, thanks to specific support.

The project is based on equal access to education, by offering disadvantaged young Gambians the chance to acquire or strengthen their skills through quality education and innovative schemes. The ultimate aim is to give them the keys and tools to enter the job market and become more independent. The project aims to create a community and network of young women identified as key multimedia and digital players in Gambia. This community will be created by the beneficiaries themselves, based on an exchange of skills and support.


FEF-R Start-Up Edge

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Startup-Edge program, funded by the French Embassy in Senegal and The Gambia. This program aims to support Gambian startups in their growth and nurture future leaders of the digital economy. With partners such as the Alliance Française of Banjul and Gambia Tech, the program will provide comprehensive support to 20 entrepreneurs, including training, mentoring, and the opportunity to apply for grants. The project will be implemented from June 2024 to April 2025.



1. To train, incubate, and accelerate 20 startups over 6 months.

2. To prepare startups for digitizing their activities to meet high-demand markets.

3. To provide tools and resources to strengthen entrepreneurs’ digital and management skills.

4. To assist entrepreneurs in designing their business plans and applying for funding, while supporting their international expansion efforts.

Women in STEM

Committed to foster innovation and leveraging technology for socioeconomic advancement, Alliance Francaise Banjul and Gambia Tech is pleased to support The Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (WiSTEM). Gambia Tech Project and Qcell to launch and execute the STEMathon 2024. As a first edition, this platform allows girls from various schools in The Gambia to showcase their STEM-driven and innovative ideas.

From smart working sticks powered by censors to climate-smart, renewable energy, waste recycling, and Eco-friendly solutions, these girls are highlighting the transformative power of technology in addressing socioeconomic challenges. The episodes will be aired on Fatu Network every Saturday at the end of the 4 episodes series.

Alliance Francaise’s and Gambia Tech’s participation in this event signifies the shared vision and the collective effort required to drive meaningful change through technology and innovation especially for Girls and Women in The Gambia.

Thanks is also given to all partners involved, including WiSTEM, Qgroup, Qcell, and the Fatu Network, for their invaluable support and collaboration to such initiative. Together, we are building a future where technology plays a pivotal role in shaping our society for the better.

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