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Binhan concert


Biography of the artist


Binhanquinhe Quimor, simply Binhan, was born on July 8, 1977 in the village of Ntunguindam, in the Biombo region of Guinea-Bissau, but spent his entire childhood in Catió, in southern Guinea-Bissau.

From an early age, Binhan was interested in art and especially music, which he began to appreciate in the evangelical church, learning to play the guitar with Pastor Agostinho Amena Sambe, an instrument he later perfected with his friend Eliseu Forna Imbana.

Raised by an uncle, Binhan first gained notoriety at the age of 14 at village festivals, toca-tinas and song contests during the rice harvest campaign in the bolanhas (rice fields). His songs, increasingly used in mass, attracted a large following, and he moved to the capital, Bissau, to pursue a career in music.

In 2008, he was named Best Newcomer in Music, not least because of the prominence he gives to peace and love in his repertoire.

His real recognition came when Adriano Atchutchy invited him to join the legendary national group Super Mama Djombo as one of the lead singers.

With Super Mama Djombo, he takes part in the recording of an album in Iceland and goes on an international tour to promote it. He will play in Cape Verde, Senegal, Gambia, Portugal, France, Holland, Iceland, China/Macau, Germany and Tunisia.

In December 2014, he was awarded the prize for best modern music singer at the 1st Guiné n’dade National Gala.

In 2017 he launched “LIFANTI PUPA”, his first solo album with special appearances by Queen Etmen from Cameroon, Tchaga daughter of Aicha Cone and the great singer Monique Seca from Côte d’Ivoire.


Band composition and repertoire:


Guinean artist Binhan Quimor’s musical universe is vast, combining Afrofolk and blues. A committed artist, his lyrics speak of misery and inequality in Guinea-Bissau society.

On stage, he is accompanied by 5 Guinean musicians (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Percussions).

He will be performing tracks from the album “Lifante Pupa”, to which Monique Seka and Quin Etemen contributed, as well as previously unreleased tracks from his forthcoming EP.

Practical information:

📆 Friday 17th November
⏱ 8PM
👉 Outdoor Theater
💰 Free entry

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