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In the forest of Huckybucky, a movie by Rasmus Sivertsen

Un nice Norvegian tale about cohesion !

Synopsis :

Life is good in the Huckybucky Forest. However, Lucien and Sam the Mop, Master Hare and the Squirrel Family have to be careful because some of their neighbours are sometimes hungry and have long teeth… When Marvin the Fox and Horace the Hedgehog try to eat Lucien and his grandmother, the inhabitants of the forest decide to act. But how can they persuade Marvin and Horace that from now on they will have to fill their plates with nuts?


Movie in French only : no English subtitles.

Practical information:

📆Friday 17th March
⏱12:30 PM
👉Alliance’s conference room
💰100D / person

🎫Tickets are on sale at the Alliance Française and Alliance Cafe
🥪Snack box are available at the Alliance Cafe for 200D (please RSVP for the snack box)
In partnership with the Alliance Cafe.

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